Welcoming a new year always brings a wave of fresh optimism and enthusiasm for a number of projects including those for your garden. Almost every residential plot has at least one corner that could benefit from a new design. Even a neglected garden can be transformed within the space of a few short weeks ready to be at its best by the summer. January is the perfect month for assessing the structure of your garden while it is uncluttered by foliage.


Whatever the size of your plot it’s important to keep a sense of proportion. A small garden would be overpowered by a large oak. Opt instead for one compact, perpendicular tree such as a flagpole cherry which has delicate pink blossom in the spring or a pair of Ballerina apple trees that are quite at home in large tubs. A water feature can be a small wildlife pool or mini barrel pond for the patio. Even if you love rampant plants such as the Russian vine it’s best to avoid them.


Large gardens can sometimes be more than an acre in size and are frequently designed by opposing methods. One option is to divide it into smaller sections where each has an emphasis on a different aspect such as a herb garden or borders filled with plants of one colour. The different areas can be linked by a series of pathways to create interest. Alternatively, a large plot can imitate the panoramic vistas made famous by Capability Brown and have wide rolling lawns with strategically placed specimen trees and shrubs.


January is ideal for researching various garden designs to see what might suit your particular plot. Bear in mind that any hard landscaping might be in place for several years so plan properly to avoid features such as steps which might prove difficult for toddlers or elderly relatives. Always check the eventual sizes of plants as all too often the small conifer beneath your front window can grow to monstrous proportions within a few years. Redesigning your garden allows you to unleash your creative talent but sometimes it’s difficult to translate your ideas into reality. That’s where the expertise of garden design companies such as Garden Club London can help enormously with transforming your plot into the showpiece you have always dreamed of.