Finding rodents in your house may make you panic. And you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, so you do not live through this nightmare again. But is it possible to be rodent-free forever? Unfortunately, there are a lot of rodents on the planet. This means that trying to avoid them is a constant battle. But there are things you can do to reduce your chances of finding a mouse or rat inside your house. San Antonio pest control services are also available to help you eliminate a rodent infestation.

Reasons Rats Enter Your Home

As with other pests, rodents are looking for food, water, and shelter which they can find in your home. Places such as attics, garages, basements, and seldom-used rooms are appealing to them because this is where they can live undisturbed. Especially when it gets cold outside, rodents will want to seek comfort and warmth from these areas in your home.

Moreover, rats can enter your house because of easy access. Rats can enter your house through the following:

  • Structural damage. All sorts of pets can get through cracks and openings in your house. So, check the outside of your house and fill in the holes. Make sure your doors and windows are also properly sealed.
  • Plumbing problems. Water is quite essential for rats. Thus, they will not miss any leak they can find. That is why they can enter your house through pipes.
  • Overhanging trees. Did you know that rats are good climbers? This means that they can navigate their way up trees, brick walls, and telephone poles. 
  • Doors and windows. Open doors and windows give rats easy access to your house. To avoid an infestation, install screens to allow air in while preventing rats and other pests from entering your house. 

Keeping Rats Out

The first you should do to avoid a rat infestation is to determine how they can get into your house. This is important since whatever you implement won’t succeed if you still let rats come and go. If you are sure that rats are in your attic, check for sunlight that comes in near the attic’s outside perimeter. Is there a damaged or missing vent? To get rid of rats from your house, hire a pest control technician to examine your house and seal up potential places rats can get through. A pest control expert can treat a current infestation and advise you on how to avoid future infestations.