If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t want to see spiders inside your home. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can control spider populations in your house. You can read here the steps you can take to minimize the number of spiders sharing your space:

Eliminate their Source of Food

For spiders to leave your house, you should eliminate the insects they feed on inside your house. Typically, spiders eat insects such as moths, mosquitoes, and flies. To minimize the number of spiders living in your house, get rid of their food source. To keep insects from entering your house, install window screens or keep the windows closed. 

Keep Your Home Free of Clutter

Spiders tend to hide and build their webs in places where there is clutter. So, by getting rid of clutter like unused tools or equipment, and wood piles, you clear out active spiders easily. 

In addition, cleaning your home regularly is important to control insect populations. Wiping down surfaces, mopping the floor, and sweeping the floor reduces spider areas and eliminate areas where they can seek shelter. 

Minimize Vegetation Near the Foundation of the House

You can also minimize spider populations that might invade your home by reducing the shrubs and greenery near your home’s base. Usually, spiders make such plants their home. But they may enter your house if they need more dependable shelter due to the weather.

Get Rid of Spider Webs and Egg Sacs

Remove and destroy any spider web or egg sac you find. You may need to wipe, vacuum, sweep, or wash away egg sacs and webs in your house and the garage. This is an effective method to prevent spiders from growing in numbers. 

Minimize Sources of Light that Attract Spiders

Spider webs built near light fixtures, particularly exterior lights, can attract these pests. Gnats, flies, moths, and mosquitoes are also attracted to light sources. But investing in sodium vapor or yellow bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs can help minimize spider populations on your home’s exterior. 

Hire a Pest Control Professional

If the spider population in your home is something you cannot handle on your own, it may be time to contact a pest control expert to help you. This expert employs a more proactive way to control spider populations and gets rid of the issue by dealing with the underlying problem. With professional pest control services, your home will be free of spiders in no time.