If your favourite hobby is carpentry or mending old cars you might occasionally wonder whether you are being exposed to the same risks as people who are working all day long in similar occupations. Any hobbies that produce quantities of fine dust or welding smoke on a regular basis can put you at exactly the same risk of developing long-term illnesses such as cancer or debilitating respiratory conditions. The dust produced when sanding the surface fillers used in car body repairs are known to be particularly hazardous.


When working practices produce fine dust in an industrial setting, there are always government guidelines to adhere to. Regulations concerning the use of permanent fans and portable dust extractors to remove harmful dust at source are designed to protect workers and other people in the vicinity. In your home workshop you are entirely responsible for your own well-being and also that of your family and neighbours. Sheds or garages that double up as workshops often have no ventilation other than an open window or door. Draughts can easily spread potentially dangerous dust throughout your workshop and over a wider outdoor area. If dust is not properly removed it can even be trodden into your home.

Why choose a Portable Dust Extractor

Choosing to purchase a dust extractor for your own small-scale workshop is the most sensible way to protect your health as it provides a convenient, effective method of dust removal. Semi-professional models are of particular interest to anyone with a home workshop. Portable dust extractors are fitted with castors and are designed to be easily manoeuvred into position when wearing gloves or using power tools. They have a relatively lightweight construction of just a few kilograms that is not too dissimilar to a domestic vacuum. Many are fitted with electric cords that have a superior length of around seven metres which makes them convenient for use in a garage or shed. However, it is the filtration capabilities that are the most impressive.

Affordable Dust Filtration

Portable dust extractors have hoses of varying lengths that can be positioned directly at the area of your work. They effectively remove harmful dust before it has the chance to reach you or escape into the surrounding air. For optimum flexibility while working try to find one with a hose length of around five metres. There aren’t too many with this extra length but it does make a difference when moving to work on various areas of your project at the same time. Semi-professional models are quiet in operation and have generous dust collector bags of approximately thirty-five litres. Always opt for superior HEPA filtration which removes dust as fine as an invisible 0.3 microns. A portable dust extractor from Data Power Tools is as affordable as the power tools you already have in your workshop. It’s a small price to pay to safeguard the health of your family and yourself.